Through digitizing technology, onsite measurements are made accurately

Glasshape Ltd is pleased to offer digitizing technology for on-site measuring for your marine glass projects.

“Digitizing” is the process of creating an accurate, dimensional CAD drawing of each window prior to manufacture of the glass, for obtaining accurate window dimensions.

No more templates!

Building a ship or a yacht is a beautiful but time consuming job, especially when everything is custom-made. Measuring and making hardboard templates are taking a lot of time and doing it manually increases the risk of making errors.

Renovation work is an important part in the shipbuilding and it has to be done as quickly as possible. Especially refit and repair work which takes a lot of time because of the precise accuracy that is needed. With Glasshape’s digitizing technology, measurements are made accurately, and save your staff hours of time.


Glasshape is pleased to offer the most advanced three-dimensional image capturing technology for your project.  This highly advanced process provides valuable information-even beyond glass.

The scan process enables image capturing for complex curved glass applications, height, length, and depth measurements, and more. Need to know the height in millimeters of the yard buildings? No problem. Distance from freeboard deck to radar antenna? You got it.

Ask your Glasshape rep for more info on our onsite scanning today!

Digitizing machine for onsite measurments

Digitizing for boat window measuring