For all things boat glass, requesting a quote is easy as!

Whether you need boat glass, custom windows, tools & equipment, tinted glass, double glazing or storm glass we can provide you with a quote quickly and easily. 

For custom boat glass or super yacht glass projects:

1. Please send any DXF, PDF or jpeg images (or any CAD files) of your project via email to
2. Specify quantities and glass type and thickness. We can help you determine this as well if you’re not sure.
3. Anything else we should know: how soon you need it, info on class societies, projected install method, fritting sizes / locations, other glass details.

For tools, equipment, & supply pricing:

1. please call 206 538 5416 or email and provide the quanity and item no. of the items you need.

2. please provide your shipping address

A marine glazing consultant will review your request and have your quote sent to you shortly!  We may contact you if we require additional information.