DuraShield® E-Zone Thermal Resistant Glass:


E-Zone Thermal Resistant Glass is a highly successful product newly developed by Glasshape.

With today’s regulations often requiring clear pilothouse glass, keeping temperatures and solar heat gain for increased captain safety is an important task. Thanks to E-Zone, captains can now enjoy optimized thermal window performance, without having to install risky dual pane glazing.

E-Zone is a special laminated coated glass type, which when combined with our 3mm DuraShield® interlayer, acts as a thermal break between the glass layers. Thermal performances are almost identical with the performance of an insulated glass unit.

E-Zone is available in all clear or tinted glasses. E-Zone will reduce the overall glass thickness while still maintaining fantastic thermal resistance.

When incorporated with DuraShield® Heated Glass, the best of all worlds are realised, with no condensation, and very limited solar heat gain.


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